Gym Rules:
         It is important that we keep our gyms clean.  Please do not leave cups and bottles after games.  If a drink spills please clean it up.  Players should not bring balls to games. This will eliminate excessive dribbling on the sidelines and balls rolling on the court interfering with games.  It will also speed up games as spectators will not go on the court and shoot during timeouts.  Important - at South Grove there is not much space on the sidelines.  Spectators should watch the games from the stage area for our players protection. There is a staircase on the far side of the stage - away from the entrance - so parents and grandparents can easily get onto the stage.

SBL Grade Specific Rules
         In Syosset Boys Basketball League Inc. it is very important to all that each player and parent abides by the rules so there are no arguments or discrepancies and that each and every game can run smoothly.  Please click on the links below to view each leagues rule book.
Automatic Ejection
         Any player or coach ejected from a game will automatically be suspended for the next game and based on the severity of the action the SBL disciplinary committee has the right to suspend the player and or coach additional games.
20 Point Courtesy Rule
         This applies to all divisions.  If a team achieves a lead of 20 points, they will no longer be allowed to press, double team, trap or fast break unless the lead falls below 20 points.
         Boys 3-4
         Boys 5-6
         Boys 7-8
         Boys 9-10-11-12 & College League
         Girls 3-4
         Girls 5-6
         Girls 7-8