9th through 12th Grade Boys Rules
1. New York State High School Federation Rules will be followed.

2. This is a 5-3 league which means a player can only play a maximum of 5 periods and must play a minimum of 3 periods. If 8 players present - all must play 5 periods unless the other team has fewer than 8 players. If one team has fewer than 8 players the coach with 8 or more players is allowed to match his top 2 players to the number of periods played by the team with less than 8.(providing this teams top 2 players are present). If 7 players are present, 5 play 6 and 2 play 5 - the top 2 players if present should play 5. If 6 players are present, 4 play 7 and 2 play 6 - the top 2 players if present should play 6. The league commissioner will determine each teams top two players.

3. If a player fouls out he must stay in the game if he has not played the minimum number of periods based on the players present.(e.g. if eight players present each player must play 5 periods). A player that has fouled out but must remain in the game to meet his minimum number of periods can not score or commit a foul. If the player scores, the points are disallowed and a loss of possession results. If the player fouls a two shot technical and possession is awarded to the team fouled. If the player is fouled and fouls are to be awarded (penalty or bonus, not shooting) the coach of the team fouled will elect another player on the floor to shoot the foul shots.

4 As long as each team has 5 players the games will be played.

5. The game will consist of 8 four minute periods. Overtime will be 3 minute periods until a winner is decided.

6. If a game goes into overtime any player may play regardless of periods played during regulation. If a player has fouled out he can not return to the game.

7. Four timeouts per game. One additional timeout is earned for each overtime period played. Unused timeouts from regulation carry over into overtime as do player and team fouls.

8. There are no scoring limits.

9. The leagues Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced. Profanity will not be tolerated by coaches, players or any spectator. Only the coach will be allowed to address the referee. At no time is a coach, player or spectator to address the scorekeeper. Any problems should be addressed to the referee and he will make the proper adjustments with regard to score or time. 10. Any coach or player ejected from the game will automatically face a minimum one game suspension. Depending on the situation this can be increased at the Boards determination.

11. The coach is responsible for his players and spectators behavior.

12. Coaches are responsible to ensure that one official scoring book is kept at each game. The official book is responsible for capturing periods played, team fouls, personal fouls and the score for both teams. If both teams elect to keep a book the referee will determine which book is official.

13. The schedule consists of 8 - 10 regular season games and playoffs. All teams make the playoffs.